Remembering Smash Hits with Mark Ellen and David Hepworth and special guests Mark Frith and Sylvia Patterson

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On the evening of December 2nd at The Islington we’ll be recording a special seasonal podcast to celebrate the memory of Britain’s Finest Pop Magazine, Smash Hits.

Three former editors and one writer from this epoch-making publication will be gathering for a once-in-a-lifetime evening of recollection and revelation before they slip irrecoverably into their anecdotage.

If you want stories of Ver League, The Bros, Paul Welder, Alan Ant, Amply Fed, the Spans, Mr Wacky Thumbs Aloft, Lord Lucan of Mercury, Dame David Bowie, Madge and the group known as Bobo, The Hedge, Larry Mullen Junior and, er, the other one, then you’ll simply have to be in our select ‘studio audience’.

There will be pictures, there will be tests of skill, there will be a public playing of the legendary Smash Hits Christmas Flexi, there will be all manner of arrant foolishness. As we used to say on the trail page, which was invariably done at the printers, Be There Or Miss Out.

Tickets here.

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