Word In Your Ear presents Stuart Maconie and Mark Ellen

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We’re delighted to announce Word In Your Ear will be presenting Stuart Maconie and Mark Ellen at Manchester’s Deaf Institute on Tuesday, May 6th.

We’ve been trying to get to the north-west for a while now and we couldn’t be more pleased that we’ve managed to secure the involvement of two such legends of music media and fabled raconteurs as Stuart and Mark for what promises to be a brilliant evening. It’s the nearest you’re going to get to the live experience of a Word Podcast.

Stuart Maconie will be talking about and signing his book The People’s Songs –  The Story of Modern Britain in 50 Records and his other adventures in music, magazines and broadcasting.

Mark Ellen will be talking about and signing copies of Rock Stars Stole My Life!, his memoir of his time at magazines from the NME through Smash Hits to The Word, and on radio and TV programmes from Radio One to Live Aid.

They’ll both be talking to David Hepworth, who’s MC-ing. Your DJ for the evening will be “Magic” Alex Gold.

The evening will climax with a joint Q&A session at which Mark and Stuart will be encouraged to say indiscreet things about rock stars that their lawyers wouldn’t let them put in their books.

It all takes place amid the splendour of Manchester Deaf Institute’s upstairs music gall. It’s fully seated and there’s a bar near the performance area and so it will be a comfortable as well as a fun evening. Hey, we know these things matter.

Tickets are £10 and you can buy two for just £18.

Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/word-in-your-ear-presents-stuart-maconie-and-mark-ellen-tickets-11268042017?ref=estw

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