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There are only two people in the entire world who can claim to have played onstage as part of the Ramones’ live show without actually being called Ramone. Duncan ‘Kid’ Reid is one of them, and we are delighted to be launching his sophomore album with new group The Big Heads at The Islington on October 1st.

As singer and bass player of Joey Ramone’s favourite group The Boys, Duncan rode on the crest of a wave during punk’s original late-1970s heyday as part of a wider collective of friends and peers that included the Sex PistolsThe ClashGeneration X and a host of other power-chord pioneers.

Fast-forward to 2014 and Duncan’s effervescent new group The Big Heads, which counts among its number Word Magazine veteran ‘Magic’ Alex Gold, are releasing The Difficult Second Album, following 2012’s acclaimed Little Big Head and a slew of global touring which has seen the band joined onstage by members of The Adverts and Europe, and Duncan receive the keys to the Uruguayian capital Montevideo – an honour previously reserved only for Paul McCartney and Elton John in the musical fraternity.


We are also very pleased indeed to let you know that legendary former Adverts frontman-turned-globetrotting punk troubadour TV SMITH will also be joining us to chat about his new book, in Word In Your Ear’s now-famous ‘live magazine’ segment.

So, that’s two punk legends in one intimate venue for the price of a couple of pints. Don’t miss out. Tickets and more information here.


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