A Quiet Word with Ben Watt at the Islington

benwatt_studio1Ben Watt’s worn a variety of hats in the last thirty years: half of Everything But The Girl, solo artist, deejay, producer, club owner and independent label operator.

Ben’s had a new wave of acclaim in the last year, his solo record “Hendra” has won the Best Difficult Second Album award from AIM, and now “Romany and Tom”, his second autobiographical book, has been nominated for the Samuel Johnson prize for non-fiction, a prize which, as far I’m concerned, he ought to win.

On Monday September 22nd he’ll be with us at the Islington, talking to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about all this and more and sharing some rare pictures with us. We’ll be recording the evening for a Word Podcast. If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, you’d better be there.

Tickets are £10 and available here.



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