We few, we happy few, will be talking about those Duckworth Lewis shows for weeks

IMG_3197Alex and I have just got back from Nottingham, having seen the Duckworth Lewis Method royally entertain the Playhouse Theatre with a slightly longer set than they could manage to fit in on either of their Monday night shows at Lord’s.

They were ably accompanied by cricket writer and broadcaster Simon Hughes talking about his new book The Ashes: Cricket’s Greatest Rivalry and Left With Pictures, one of the six different musical aggregations that Alex lends his talents.

Thanks very much to everyone who came to both shows and made them such successes. Neil, Thomas and the band were all delighted with the reception they got, although Tosh was slightly puzzled by the bloke who stood directly in front of him during one Lord’s show furiously taking notes all the way through.

Thanks to all the people at Lord’s and Nottingham Playhouse, who both acted as if they did this kind of thing every day of the week.

Thanks to The Cricketer, our partner in these shows, and their Publisher Andy Afford (and his wife Lynn) who very kindly put me and Alex up for the night in Nottingham.

Word In Your Ear will be off the air for the next few weeks but rest assured that we are hatching some very concrete plans for September and we’d be interested in hearing any ideas you’ve got for artists, venues or formats.

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