Word In Your Attic 57 (audio version) – Graham Parker: our man in the Catskills trying to scare off the bears

Tour-de-force architect of pub rock and old pal of the pod Graham Parker remembers nights onstage with Allen Ginsberg, Levon Helm & Rick Danko, writing sci-fi lyrics in 1973, “speed-rapping Kerouac”, a Mercury Poisoning promotional thermometer, a Nile Rodgers chat show, the glorious reunion of the Rumour in a Judd Apatow movie, and boating with Billy Connolly in Sydney Harbour: what could possibly go wrong? Includes fascinating thoughts about the post-Covid tour circuit.  



Cloud Symbols …



Visions of Cody …



Carp Fishing on Valium …



The Great Trouser Mystery …


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