Darling BOY added to our Lord’s bill

Those of you who attended our Divine Comedy show when The Word Magazine was alive may remember a group called The Wutars. Considerably younger than a good deal of the people in the room, their musical reference points were nevertheless the same and they caused quite a stir among members of the Massive that night with their exhuberant and highly entertaining performance.

I was the lead singer in The Wutars and since the band’s demise, have ‘gone out’, as they say, as Darling BOY. Described by Mark Ellen as “stopping at all the best stations between The Small Faces and Oasis”, and lauded by Andy Partridge and Alan McGee among other stately figures of the music industry – including DLM’s very own Thomas Walsh and Tosh Flood – dB has taken me across Europe and to South America since its inception last year, and I am very pleased indeed to be providing support for The Duckworth Lewis Method with my excellent band, which on this occasion will include Andy Partridge’s daughter Holly. I hope you enjoy our performance.

Here’s Darling BOY’s latest video:



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