Did anyone take any decent pictures of last night’s show?

I was somewhat preoccupied so I didn’t. Which is a shame because it seemed to go very well. Can’t tell you how much simpler it is when you have a solo act rather than a band. Mr B turned up at six and did a sound check that took all of four minutes. He told me that the first time he did a gig with the backing tracks on his iPhone his wife rang to see what time he was coming home. Morgan Howell hauled in a couple of his giant Supersize Art 45s which seemed to excite a lot of people. Bob Stanley was understandably disappointed that his publisher failed to organise some books for him to sign, which was a shame. Mark Lewisohn said he didn’t know exactly when his third Beatles book would go up to and signed a load of the lightweight’s back pocket version of volume one. Everybody seemed to enjoy it. All we lack are pictures. If you’ve got any could you send them to wiye.london@gmail.com. Ta.

Got this from Trevor Dann. Ta, Trevor.

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