We WIYEsh you a Merry Christmas

Now’s the time to book your tickets for our very special seasonal Word In Your Ear show at The Lexington on December 1st.

We’ll be opening our Advent Calendar on that evening with Pugwash, the Thomas Walsh-fronted ensemble from Ireland who form part of the massively popular Duckworth Lewis Method, and Dream Themes, the Rhodri Marsden-led Scritti Politti spin-off who specialise in live versions of such powerful nostalgia triggers as the themes from Grange Hill and Ski Sunday.

The show will be hosted by David Hepworth and will feature well-chosen seasonal selections in both recorded and live forms. Tickets are on sale now. You can buy two for £25 and four for £45.

Sicne this is on a Sunday it’s an ideal opportunity for people who’ve been unable to get to any of our weekday shows in the past to come and sample the unique atmosphere that is Word In Your Ear.

* Christmas music!

* Seasonal bonhomie!

* A rare opportunity for weekenders in the capital to enjoy the WIYE experience!

* A snip at £25 for two people!

* Something will happen that you won’t want to miss!

* The spirit of the Idle Race will be in the room!

* Come on down and see old friends!

Tickets here.

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